59 Metrelik Uçurumdan Rekor Atlayış! (New World Record | Highest Cliff Diving Jump!)

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Çılgın İsviçre'li sporcu 59 metrelik uçurumdan saatte 123 km hızla aşağıda bulunan küçük bir su birikintisine, paraşütsüz ve ipsiz atlayarak en yüksek yamaçtan atlama rekorunu kırdı ve yeni Dünya Rekorunun sahibi oldu.

Laso Schaller's Insane 59 Meter Cliff Jump!
Remember the first time standing on a high-dive at your local pool? It was a little terrifying, right? Maybe 10 feet high? Imagine what it would be like to stand on a platform nearly 59 meters high, taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and perched on a cliff above a tiny natural pool of water. thanks. But don't worry, Laso Schaller's POV of the jump is enough to make your stomach flip. Take a look at the man's world record cliff jump, and prepare yourself for one of the gnarliest POV shots ever.

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